Corporate Performance Management Firm Partners with Vanguard Software

Allentown, New Jersey (January 20, 2017) – In November of last year, corporate performance management company Blue Line Planning entered a strategic partnership with Vanguard Software Corporation. As a strategic partner, Blue Line Planning gains an edge in predictive analytics and Integrated Business Planning through Vanguard Software’s flagship cloud platform. This will allow the company to deliver next-generation IBP services and advanced-analytic forecasting solutions.

“We selected Vanguard Software as a strategic partner because they bring to the table a combination of best-of-breed analytics and industry-focused, business-user applications,” says Craig Thier, president and CEO of Blue Line Planning. Vanguard Software is a renowned provider of forecasting and analytic solutions. Read more on this article.


How Anaplan Can Help Your Corporation Thrive and Operate Efficiently


There is a lot of financial information for you to manage daily as a CFO. The good news is you can set yourself up for success and take some stress off your plate by using Anaplan. This innovative software is comprised of many important elements that can help you master corporate performance management.

App Management

With the app management feature, you can build cutting-edge apps, designed to handle your company’s specific challenges. You can create apps that help you manage inventory better or apps that allow you to come up with a budget for marketing and sales. The possibilities are endless.

Not only that, but you can gain access to apps business leaders in your industry or community have created. This saves you time from having to create detailed apps you may not have any experience with. If a user’s app is not to your liking, you can go in and edit it to your liking. Read more on this article.

Strategies that Help Hospitals Enhance Their Healthcare Revenue Cycle


There are a lot of moving parts involved in running a hospital. The healthcare revenue cycle, in particular, is important to manage, so your hospital can stay profitable and thrive for many years. Here are some strategies you might consider, so you can maximize revenue and reduce costs every year.

Use a Checklist

One of your goals as a hospital is to make sure claims from patients are not rejected. This helps patients get treatment with ease and your hospital to generate more revenue. You can reduce rejected claims due to bad eligibility by having a checklist for patients to look over when providing critical details about their personal life. Read more from this blog.